Ferris Industrial Sales provides sales and services of Roberts-Gordon gas tube heaters.

Since 1995, Ferris Industrial Sales (FIS) has focused its efforts on gas fired overhead radiant heating. The concept of over head radiant heat is as old as the universe. Just as the sun radiates heat to the earth from a great distance, overhead radiant heaters effectively warm a room. For most buildings, this concept of heating can result in significant fuel savings and rebates from National Fuel Gas.

Ferris Industrial Sales provides a comprehensive experience for its clients. Design, layout, sale, installation, and service are all provided by our company. Our customers vary in size from auto repair shops with a single gas tube heater, to large industrial facilities with multiple overhead radiant units.

90% of our clients utilize the The Roberts-Gordon product line of radiant heating equipment. We have significant experience with this product line and have worked with customers throughout Western New York and the Southtowns. Ferris Industrial Sales also has experience servicing Ambi-Rad, Dayton, Detroit Radiant, Schwank, Solaronics, Space-Ray, and Superior Radiant units.

The majority of our customers are commercial and industrial spaces. For residential customers, the Roberts-Gordon product line includes a residential certified overhead radiant heater that can be installed in either an attached or detached garage, workshop, or patio.